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I have a 1968 Dodge Dart that is a street/strip build. I have been brainstorming creative ideas on where to mount my aftermarket gauges and switches on the dash. I have decided on going a different route that from the standard mounting areas that I have seen.

I am going to replace the center dash bezel (Radio/Heater controls) with an aluminum box that will hold the aftermarket gauges and switches.

The back side will be trimmed so that it forms to the angles of the front of the dash, and it will fit between the lower and upper dash pads. The box with be turned at an angle so that the gauges and switches are in view of the driver. The face plate will be removable for easy accessibility, and the box will be painted black to match the dash frame. I think this will look clean and will blend in with the roll cage and and aggressive street/strip look.

I have only seen a few set ups like this in strip only cars, and have never seen this done to an A-Body Mopar. I hope this thread will help those of you who are seeking some where different to mount your aftermarket gauges besides under or on top of the dash.

I will post pictures of this project as I go. Please feel free to post advice and constructive criticism. If you have done something like this already or have pictures of a setup that someone has, please share them on this thread.
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