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cutting Hole in Hood

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Question? I have been looking and trying to find out if I can cut enough out of the hood to provide
room for the 2 x 4 tunnel ram intake & carbs without cutting into the rear support, I plan to still use
Hinges ( I hope! ) or am I fooling myself and need to use a lift off glass hood? does any of you have this setup?
Has anyone got a picture they can post with the hood still on hinges and lift up over the intake/carbs & breathers without the scoop on ? Although i'm sure that most of you have already went with the Glass hood yourselfs if you have this powerpack setup your probably racing them and using glass to shed some weight:-\ but for me I'm just biulding a beast for the street ;D
I have'nt got the 440 in so I cant trial fit anything yet,
Thanks Folks: Poison
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I cut in to my 71 Dart OEM hoof to add my tunnel ram. I can take a digital photo this week.
OK . thanks picture would be Great,,,
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