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Dart door interchange

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Hello everyone,

This is my first time posting, although I've been lurking in the backround for a while... :) You guys have some insane rides!

My question is this: I have a 69 Dart Swinger which needs both doors; I know the 68 doors will fit (I think the lock knob location is the only difference), but what about the year-span after the body style changed? I've heard of people putting on the later ventless-window doors, also; would these be a bolt-on deal, or are there any modifications that have to be done?

Thanks for any input....
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There were changes to the interior panels around 73, I think. Otherwise doors up through about 72 should be the same. You're right about the 67-68 doors and the location of the door locks. 67 also had the mirror in a different location.

Yep 73-up have a lot different, no wing windows either after 72.
But, thet still should bolt on. You will have to change the rest of the interior panels to match.
Thanks for the replies. I have a good line on some 71 doors; I might go for those. The later doors are tempting, though... tnku
Well if i'm reading this correctly....The Chrysler Muscle Car Parts Interchange Manual only 67, 68 and 70 will fit. Not the 71.
That's what I've been going by, but I've found that manual to be very literal as far as to what part will fit what. I assume that they mean a direct bolt-on with very little or no deviation from a stock appearance. The doors I'm looking at have to be shipped, so that's why I wanted to be sure before I spend the money.
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