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Dash Pad Renewal

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I just purchased a ton of 68 stuff from a BBD Dart member including a very nice dash pad set. No cracks etc. What is a good product to soften the vinyl a little more? Some say stay away from ArmorAll etc. What say you?
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What about the stuff baseball players use to break in a new glove. Just a thought. Darren
I've never had a problem with armorall, I use there protectant wipes on interior parts all the time. Shines them up really nice!
The problem with armor all is said to be when you stop using it things dry up quick, rumor has it that this is due to silicone, wich is as I understand no longer an ingreadent.....
I've always used Armorall and never had any problems. I like the glossy shine you get with it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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