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DC A-Bocy K Frame

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I have access to an alledged DC big block A-body K frame. Does any know the dimensions of a original DC A-body K frame? Thanks
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They will look a lot like the ones I build (check the link in the tech pages) with a few exceptions on added material that I have found to be unnecessary.

Thanks for the directions. I reviewed it but I failed to completely describe the K-frame I was describing; it suppose to be an original "biscuit" type frame. I'm looking for some way of identifying this K-frame as a original....a-body big block K-frame. I do not have a "/6 or a sb K-frame" for comparision. I know there are conversion mounts out there, however, if this is an original, how do I identify it as a original/swap K-frame?

Thanks a million.........
Does it look like this? I believe this came from GTSDaves web site. Sorry to post you pic but you have some real good reference photos on there Dave.

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440BBRAM, the one pictured is an original factory BB K. The DC is different. I have more pics if you need them.

The orignal DC k frame is a spool mount.

I have an original DC BB Abody K member. What dimensions do you need. It's in my storage locker, but I could get it out easy enough. I don't remember any particular ID on it. It is a spool type, with the bottom side cut out for the newer style sway bar to fit through...
Thanks for all your assistance. No, it is not an original BB A-body K frame. After checking some the cars, I discovered that it is a sb k-frame. I located an old DC catalog and, "BLAM", there it was - a SPOOL type frame. Thanks again for everyone's assistance.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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