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Demon gets a tad bit more primer!

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Well this past saturday Feb 4th, i got off my ass and got my car's ass into some primer. There are still some areas on the tail panel i got to go back over, as far as smoothing the tiny dents out and, well this weekend i plan on re doing the entire trunk seeing as you can tell some primer looks newer

Before less tail lights

She is almost ready for primer my sweet ass tape up job LOl i only found bubble wrap around teh house and them few papers lol

With a lil primer on and standing tall my can of Primer I love rustoleum!

Finished Product almost

And there you guys can see my workspace outside in the driveway lol
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Looks good man. How is that rattle can primer? Does it work pretty good? I need to do some body work on my 72 Demon and wanted to use that kind of primer if it worked ok. You just gotta love the gray primer A body.
We're getting ready to re-primer Jeff's Dart, but we'll use a gun (my hand cramps up with rattle cans).

if you do use a rattle can you can get an attachment that snaps on top of the can and looks like a pistol grip so its like using a spray gun. they only cost around five bucks and are reusable .
i pwn with rattle cans LOL, that gun attachement that azz is talking bout yeah i dislike that, i can't spray as well with it vs using my index and yes my thumb to lay the primer down.

I use Rustoluem, it's around 5 bucks at Lowes but it's a larger can then ur typical primer can, on top of that it helps prevent rust a little bit and protects better.
Yeah, I tried one of those, too. Didn't like it.

I primered and painted my engine bay with that duplicolor paint it looks just as good as the dupunt panit on the body!
i love the bubble wrap......... LOL
Watch out for compatibility problems with the paint you use. You might end up sanding off all the primer. Just a heads up. Don't ask how I learned that!
Yes the bubble wrap was all i had lying around after the paper was done with! lol

as far as this primer being comaprtable, it seems 2 be doing just fine. i use valspar paint(i think if i remember correctly parent of House of Kolor) i usually throw this rustoluem primer on and i still hit it with another primer with the gun and then final paint and clear.

btw how did u find that out? haha
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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