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Disc Brake Conversion Question

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Has anybody used the Engineered Components Disc Brake Converion for $575.00?

My 69 GTS currently has the 4" bolt pattern on the front with drum brakes and $575.00 sounds pretty reasonable to switch to 4 1/2" and disc brakes. Curoius whether the existing master brake cylinder (Manual) will handle front discs?

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Your current drum brake MC will not support the disc brake calipers fluid needs. You really need to get a disc/drum MC.
My brother bought the kit for his 64 SAVOY this summer at Carlisle. It is a real nice kit. We are putting it on sometime in the next few weeks. The replacement parts can easily be found at any parts store. Some people may have a problem with using GM parts on their Mopar, but saving a few bucks is worth it. It is brakes anyway. Not like putting a chevy engine in your Dart. Matt
It's extremely easy to find rotors and calipers for the F/M/J spindles. And, it will cost you less, to.

Jim_Lusk said:
It's extremely easy to find rotors and calipers for the F/M/J spindles. And, it will cost you less, to.
But then you need upper control arms, new bushing and ball joints and brake lines too. After you buy all the small parts you'llhave over $300 in to the F/J/M swap.
One thing you have to consider, is that I believe you use the stock spindles and smaller upper control arms on the Engineered Components set up. If you go to 73 and newer spindles and upper control arms they are bigger. That may not make a diff for you, but something you should consider. I'm doing the conversion right now with the 73 and newer disc update. Callipers and rotors pretty cheap and easy to get. Steve
I checked out the website for Engineered Components, and it sounded like a good deal. I don't think the size of the upper ball joint is a big deal, and I would be able to retain my stock control arms and sway bar. I am at least a year away from doing a disc conversion, so I will wait to see if anything else comes out. If I were doing it now I would seriously consider them.
BE Aware of the studs used in the aluminum hubs on the ECS kit. The stud knurl size drilled in the hub is not comlpatiable with the long studs needed for race cars. In other words you can not put 3 inch studs in the hub. Unless you redrill the hole size. I have addressed this issue with ECS and they are aware of the problem. It seems they orginally developed the kits without thought of ther use for racing. For street use they are probably okay.
I have sent them the spindle and steering arm for the 73 Duster and they are developing a kit to fit it. This kit wil take the long studs and also moves the caliper to the rear. The weight savings over stock rotors is considerable about 13 lbs per wheel plus you'll get a cros drilled rotor. I'll keep the boad advised as this developes.
Maynard. since the 10 inch brake kit mounts the calipers to the front, do you know if it clears the stock sway bar mounts on the early cars?
NO sorry I can't help you here, I don't know.
i say kelsey hayes 4 piston stockers, they stop better than slider calipers anyday and are out there on parts cars and youll keep small bolt pattern.
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