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Disconnect Switch Wiring

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Hey I'm about to move my battery to the trunk and I am going to install a battey disconnect switch and I was wondering if somebody had a wiring diagram or pictures on how to it with the stock alternator, aka more then one wire alternator. P.S. and recomandations on what to recover the interior with, tweed,vinyl...ect? Thanks for the help.
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shogun industries has a nice wiring diagram for that.
So the diagrams help, but all I want to know is exactly what wires to run to the switch in the trunk. Thanks.
I'm still confused about the wiring, what do I with the starter relay wire that went to the battery? Also the diagram that was just shown, shows that the biggest wire running from the alternator goes to the starter,it just dosn't seem that simple to me it goes into a bunch of wires, and then one of the voltage regulator wires going to the switch, as shown in the diargram, I have a whole jumble of wires off that one.So all i really want to know is what wires do I have to move and to where. I'm just really bad at this type of things . So any and all help is welcome and needed.
I am having the same type of problem right now. The diagram from the post above will work. I took the hot lead from the battery and connected it to the starter relay and then from the starter relay to the starter. My car will quit if i remove either field wire from the alternator. My problem is that my disconnect switch only has 2 lugs for the main battery leads. Is there any way around buying another switch with the 4 lugs? Is there somewhere else in the wiring like maybe the ignition switch that the field can get broke and the car still charge?
You can run a relay off of the positive lug and have the relay break the field on the alt.
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