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hi, my 72 dart( 2 door) needs a new roof,now i have a sunroof in it and i want to get rid of it.

so my q:

what year darts have the same roof-line as the 72?



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thebankerstoy said:
Hi Alfred,

Cars roof's that will interchange with your 72 Dart 2 door HARDTOP are.

1968-1972 Dart 2 door hardtops

1970- 1972 Valiant 2 door hardtops

1974 Dart and Valiant 2 door hardtops BUILT AFTER SEPTEMBER 1973 for the 1974 model year
1973 models will not interchange with your car.

Try to find a car WITHOUT a vinyl roof, as they tend to have rust issues and will cost more money to prep it for paint work.

hey richard,u are fast as usual ;D

thanks a million richard,a guy in canada does import cars and parts to the netherlands,he wil get me a roof when he find one.

i will tell him where to look for,


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