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door internals......

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i was putting my windows back into my 72 demon and i am missing some pieces they werent there to begin with.....there the little metal brackets that have plastic rollers on them that go between the rails to keep the window from shifting back and forth... ( just ask if you need me to explain more) i was wondering if a 72 dart swinger had the same things and if they would work in my demon.... my demon has a one peice window and i believe the swinger has the vent windows

thanks, dustin
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I would definately take it appart and see if it will work. I would guess that it would.
well today i went to my buddys place he has a muscle car restoration shop and has alot of parts (hes a big mopar guy) he had a set of 72 swinger doors he was gonna sell me he let me pop them apart to check the internals and there completely different....but he found a set of 70 duster doors outback of his shop and sold them to it all worked out...

thanks for the help guys, dustin
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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