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drilling spot welds

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I hear it's a special bit, right? where can I get them and what are they called?
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A company called Blair makes a real nice one, basicly it's a 5/16 small hole saw. Just make sure you centerpunch the spotweld so the drill doesn't "dance" on you! The Blair bits aren't cheap but they work if you take your time and drill with slow speed, you can even dip the bit in a little oil to make it last longer, just get the basic version, they make a real fancy one, which is nice, but not nessary. Good luck, Newbomb
Hougen Rotabroach...nothing better
I found my first ones at a local tool shop, then ordered some from Eastwood. Learned not to press hard, let the tool do the work. Pretty easy to break the teeth on the tool. Steve
matco....snapon as well as other tool suppliers sell these spot weld removal bits.
I've seen them at my local paint and body shop store here in Phoenix locally. It is called Sherwin Williams automotive paint store.
Thanks for the input!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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