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Drum Brake Question 69 Dart GTS

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My 69 dart GTS - 383 car has drum brakes on it. I measured the front brake shoes that are on the car now and they are approximately 2 1/8" wide. Then I measured the drums and they are 10" x just over 2 1/2". Did a previous owner just put the wrong shoes on or what would be the correct size for this car?

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Those are rite. If it was me I would put disc brakes on it if your going to drive it. Dave
  " If it was me I would put disc brakes on it if your going to drive it.  Dave "

  Unfortunately, I spent about $40K on my 65 Mustang Dream Car when I rebuilt it and if I want to stay married, I have to build the Dart on a fixed budget, and it ain't close to what I did on the Mustang  :'(  :'(

  But, I figure if I get it on the road within budget, then I can slowly start making needed repairs to it  ;D  ;D

How do you fit forty grand in a mustang? Put that kinda dough in a Dart, and you would have a 9 second

pump gas daily driver. BBD
  " How do you fit forty grand in a mustang? "

  It wasn't easy :eek:  408W, Aluminum Heads, Hooker Super Comps, 750 Holley, Comp Cams 292H, Global West Front Racing Suspension, 17 x 9 Cragars, 9" Rear End, Posi, Traction Bars, Auminum Driveshaft, Disc Brakes on all 4, Fuel Cell, Roll Bar, Custom Gauges, 4 Speed Toploader, Sub Frame Connectors, Etc, Etc.  There is almost nothing on the car that isn't new or rebuilt and she's beautiful.  8)  8)

BUT, I have to admit, I'm really looking forward to putting it side by side with the Dart GTS 383 when I'm done with it.  Ought to be one he## of a show with both of them smoking the tires  0/  0/


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You don't mind if we pick on your Mustang while we help you with the Dart, do you? )(/* )(/* ctfgt ctfgt

My 68 GTS convertible has the stock 10" drums all the way around and it is somewhat of an adventure bringing it down from speed. Any GTS is worth restoring correctly to the broadcast sheet, even if some of them get driven hard.

If you do up grade at least keep ahold of the stock parts so that if want to go back to all stock you have them. By the way nice Mustang.
There's been a disturbing number of Mustang pics on the site lately; )(/* seriously though, it looks great!
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