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Early A body bell crank

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o----o<> Anyone know if the bellcrank off the ealy A boddies is the same as the later A bodies? Is the early A body S/6 bellcrank the same as the V8?

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dont know if s/6 bell crank is the same, but the later A body is not the same but can be made to work,i used one for years in a dailey driver 66 cuda 340 4 speed with a scater shield,and fender well headers, you may have to make a bracket if using a scater shield, i dont remember what rod thru the fire wall i used,,im guessing the later A body rod,, just make sure it is straight and not on a funky angle,,,use the correct fork to that bell crank,,,,good luck
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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