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engine swap question

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hey is there any way to make your own slant 6 to big block convertion mounts? i know shumaker makes them but there high is there anyway to make your own?
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Yup, Copy a set of theirs. If you can do that you can also just fabricate your own factory type mounting perches no matter what K frame you're working with and just mate them to whatever style insolater you want to use.
With what I said above, use the rear XMSN mount as your point of reference for everything and keep the engine as close to the K frame as you can.
Just set the motor where you want it and build the mounts from the K-member to the block.
I didnt think that $150 was that much when it cuts all that time of making your own. I have a set of their mounts and torque strap just waiting for the install of my son's 383 in his 68 Dart...

$150 is not bad for the quality. I still prefer the DC k-member option, but I can build them for myself.

To answer your question, though, yes you can build your own mounts. Like said above the trans mount should be your reference point, crank should be parallel to the frame rails and the front about 5.5" above the k-member. Make sure you have enough clearance for the oil pump and whatever exhaust you plan on using.

Jim_Lusk said:
I still prefer the DC k-member option, but I can build them for myself.
thats what i did, it worked great. i saved $110 by modding my own k-frame.
not too hijack this question but what about headers, something to think about doh
thanks iv got a few more questions where can i take a good look at shumakers mounts to copy them? and can you guys send me some pics so i can see what im working with!! what im worried about is getting it off to one side or the other the slant 6 k frame is a weird one! what i was gonna do is.. the drivers side on the /6 kframe is off set to adjust to the "slant" of the /6 i was gonna cut it off and weld it back where it needs to be and then make the mounts! please send as many pics as possible so I can see what yall did and then i can descide what to do thanks!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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