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Hey there,new to the board I am.I bought a basket case last year,1970 dart.Have spent all my time getting the mechanical end of things ready to go.Anyway,I finally decided to hook up the wiring harness which was in the trunk when I got the car.New voltage regulator,ballast resistor and starter relay in today,grabbed a battery out of the boat and hooked it up(battery moved to trunk),problem is as soon as I connect the bat. every thing has juice.!Well I think,12 volts at starter relay,dome light will not shut off,both blinkers stay on steady,wipers want to work when key is turned to run,heater blower works though!Any ideas?Me and electricty don't get alonng very well.A shot in the dark makes me want to say the ignition switch?Thanks
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thats what i think too good place to start
Start with a wiring diagram and most of the fuses disconnected. Bad or non-connected grounds will cause all sorts of problems.

Great place to start, welcome aboard.
Make sure that when the battery got moved and re-wired it wasn't wired in such a way as to bypass the key.
I had a similar problem with my 68 valiant it was lack of good grounds.
Good luck with that ! Welcome to BBD !
Chryco ;)

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