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factory a/c

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hello all,
im looking for a factory a/c and i have been for a couple years, i thought id try this site. although my dart is not a big block its a fairly warmed over /6. it is a 67 2 door post, with factory discs as well as the a/c, only the a/c is missing. any replies would be greatly appreciatted. i saw one at a swap, but i thought the 600 dollar asking price was outrageous. is that what im going to have to pay or can someone cut the new guy a deal?
thanks a bunch

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Welcome. Do you just need the AC compressor? What parts are missing? The compressor is pretty easy to find, most of the big chains have rebuilts. Checkers/Shucks/Kragen list one for $116. I just typed in 1970 duster /6 (lot easier to find parts for duster's then older darts), pretty sure they are all the same. AC shop can make any of the hoses and have the small bits (drier's/switches) and there are universal condensers out there.
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