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has anybody ever delt with WS Racing Fiberglass? is there stuff junk or is it good quality? i want to put fenders/hood/bumpers/etc. on my 67
thanks, Jay
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i would like to know having a hard time deciding which place to spend my hard earned cash on decent fenders with the least amount of work possible doh
I bought front fenders from them for my Demon. They are ok and came with the headlight bucket panel.
I have a hood w/hemi scoop and I think it is pretty nice. I've heard a lot about fiberglass not fitting and this hood fit as well as the original. They're good guys to deal with, only complaint is the time it takes to get parts. If you want I can snap a pic of the hood.

DREW5, Is your hood a pin on or hinged. I am also looking for a super stock hood for a 68 Dart. Joe
I bought mine from glasstek.They shipped friday should have them this week,if all goes as planed it will be installed shortly and i will post some pics.
Mine is pin-on. Really light, but still plenty strong. Used 5 pins to hold it. They put the scoop on the hood and it looks good.

let me know on the WS stuff. the glasstek stuff looks nice but who knows,
I must have missed it. Is there any update on this?
I dealt with Walt Saari over 15 years ago when he made the doors and dash for my '67 Cuda. He actually used my steel doors to make a mold and he did it while I waited in town. Those doors withstood years of wheelstands and still looked and functioned well. When I sold the body last year, the car still looked great. He was a great guy to work with. If I still lived "up north", I would have parts for my Dart made there.
i have a ws fiberglass frontend,front&rear bumpers,hood and trunk lid.its pretty nice stuff.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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