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Floorpans, Weld in solid or no?

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Ok before I put the final coat of paint on the underside and interior of the Demon, I have this nagging voice that says I should weld the floorpans in solid, right now they are stitch welded every 3-4 inches on top and every 6 inches on bottom, should I leave them as is and throw some seam sealer on & paint or weld the seams fully? Who's done what?
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it's all up to you.....what you have is strong's all personal opinion.
AA-slingshot said:
it's all up to you.....what you have is strong's all personal opinion.
Thats kind of what I figured, it's got frame connectors and an 8 pt Roll bar so I figured it was plenty strong, I dont want to but I think I'll weld em solid just for looks, I was just under the car and it looks kind of half assed...Yet again, atleast I dont have to do everything just once LOL

its a lot of wire and time ,but at least you wont have to worry about water getting in the seam.
I live around Seattle where its been known to rain. Like jamesdart says its alot of wire but the water will stay out.


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i seam welde mine top and bottom

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You don't need to, of course. Everything from the factory was spot welded. But if you want to keep moisture out, weld the bottom side solid. Or, you could work some urethane seam sealer in there. Either way, it will probably never rust.
Do like azz and B5 did. It looks neater and won't allow moister to get in. That's how I would do it.
Thanks guys, I'm gonna weld them up solid...Just being lazy doh
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