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Frame connectors & rear rails

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I was wondering if anyone else had considered installing new frame rails against the insde of the existing factory formed ones (69 Dart). Since I now own a 24' bar of 2x3x0.125 tubing for my frame connectors I have enough material to make 2 new frame rails that would run from the front cross member right to the rear bumper mounts. I am thinking that I could weld the new rail to the inside of the existing one and plug weld it to the floor along the whole length. Then I could remove the old rail, leaving only the inside vertical piece that I welded to and then plug weld the remaining vertical to the rect. tubing. This would allow an extra 5" gain to the wheel well. There still is the issue of where to put the front spring mount, it probably would have to go into the new rail just like it would on the factory rail.
Any other ideas or comments would be appreciated. Thanks!
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well...if you make new frame rails to fit under the floor....just space them about 28" apart....then you can get a real set of 33x21.50s under there. 0/
Yeah....skinny tires are for wimps.
Cut it up...tub it , cage it , SLAM IT !!!
s&w race cars has replacement rails for a body. you might want to check them out. there rails might make an easier installation
Nu-Skool-Dart's idea is the best. Why spend all that time to fab 2x3 tubing when there is already someone that's formed the replacement tubes. They would be much earier to install than to fab your own, unless you enjoy doing the fab work and spending the time that is.

I've seen the pictures of the replacement frames he's tallking about too, don't know where I saw them but some place on line here for sure.

I've been checking in to new rear rails and found auto weld chassis and components on the link page. they told me $215 for the 2 rails and $55 shipping to michigan for a 71 demon. they are in penn. and said it would take about a week.

also has anybody heard anything about laser cut frame connectors for a bodys? I think its us steel will be making them some time but i thought i saw some place else on the net.

thanks dave
for all that work you might as well go with ladder bars or 4 link with coil over. you also want a crossmember to tie the rockers and frame rails together. with of coarse a cage to really stiffen things up.
Yes, there is some guy out there that said he is working on making the templete cut frame connectors for "A" bodies. I saw his add on E-Bay for connectors for "E" bodies and contacted him about the same thing for "A" bodies. He said he was working the design and would contact me when they were ready. The problem is do you wait? it could take a long time or he may decide not to make them for "A" bodies. To be honest it's so easy to fab these out of 2x3X.125 tube that it wasn't worth the wait for me. The 2x3 tubing when cut slides right over the rear frame rails and welds in easy. All you need are some .125 plates welded to the front of the tubes and then weld those to the tortion bar cross support once you have them square. It's an easy fix and to be honest it was harder to cut the rear floor pan slot than it was to weld the tubes in. I wanted the floor pan slot to be just wide enought to allow the tubes to go up into the pan and keep the tubes as close to the pan as possible. And of course welding .061 sheet to the .125 tube wasn't that easy.

I'd just make the connectors from the 2x3 tube and be done with it. In the long run it will be allot less welding too.

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Thanks Dan I think your right. It could be another year before the laser frame connectors become available. With spring around the corner I think I'll just do like you said and be done with it. thanks again dave
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