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frame specs & measurements

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anyone got any listings of frame specs, demensions, and measurements? Frame and or body, something like out of a collision book or something. I'm doing a bunch of work on the front end of my car and having the specs of whats its suppose to be would help a great deal. thanks
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hi sent you a e-mail with frame specs. try to post but was too large o[ hope it helps jet-taz
I have a 1970 Duster that i'm doing a resto on and would LOVE if someone could get me frame specs.
It use to be a race car and i will most likely have to do some work to align it. Any help and i will be very greatfull.......thanks.
Anybody know off-hand, the hub to hub width on the front end of, say a 72 duster? 'preciate the info ladies and gents. Thanks
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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