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front drum brakes

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:)does any one know what year torino front hubs and drums will fit drum brake a body , this swap will work
i had a dart 20 yrs ago built by mccandless performance . i think you use the ford inner bearing and the mopar outer and have to redrill the cotter pin hole out a little farther. and it takes a special seal, but then you have a 4.5 in. bolt pattern.
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Or you can get Bills uppers and M body spindels and disc brakes. Dave
If you want to keep your Mopar all Mopar, just junk yard 73 - 76 a body stuff. Then you don't have a problem with buying seals and stuff.
See the tech forum for A body disc brake conversion.
There's no good reason to build a car with drum brakes today (unless it MUST stay as delivered for a restoration - and you're already beyond that).

agreed, my 4 wheel drum /6 car scares me to death. Do the disk thing, you won't regret it at all.
I like to run on the cheap as much as anyone. But the brakes are not the place to scrimp. You can get Bills uppers for $299. and junk yard spindels and brakes for around $40.. Dave
I have around 200 in my hole front disk conversion, so forget all about drums. Volare/aspen rotors, calipers, caliper adapters, hoses, proportioning valve, and M/Cyl from the donor car. You should already have the larger ball joint upper contol arms that go with the setup.
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