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Gas tank grommet

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Hey guys, I just bought a new gas tank for the Dart. I also ordered a new filler neck grommet. Is there anything I should use to coat the grommet like vacuum grease or do I just insall it dry?

I'm trying to take advantage of this nice New England weather and hopefully put it all together this week. Let's hear it for global warming. -0*(
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i think you can install it dry, but i just put a little oil on mine. it cant hurt. my motor burns a little oil anyway!
The last one I did I used silicon spray lube. It helped a bunch.

Awesome! Thanks guys.
I like to use vaseline on tight fitting things. Seriously it works on sensitive pieces that may be dissolved from other various chemicals/oils.


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We use Owens Corning vacuum grease at work for all of our O-rings. Maybe I'll grab a tube.
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