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Good Article On Different Rear Suspension Set-UPs

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The April 06 Popular Hot Rodding has a good article on different types of rear suspension set-ups.
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Yes, I too thought this was a great article, but I was left with more questions then answer arrgh!!!.

My main question is this.-  What would be the overall best rear suspension for a primarly street/road race car (a body barracuda) with a alterkation in the front and a tko-600/340 combo. 
The answers I read from the article was that a "proper" 3 link road race suspension might be the best....but nobody makes one for MOPAR.  So the next best option might be a leaf spring set-up with (what did they call it "watts linkage?")

Am I way off base or can someone steer me in the right direction?

Thank You,
I have been going back and forth on this for about a year now. I want a good handling suspension that will last with out a lot of up keep. I'm going with good leaf springs, aluminum front bushings and slider rear shackles to start with. If I need to add a pan-hard bar later then this a design that looks pretty good to me.

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who makes these? do they make them for mopars? would it take the place of a rear sway bar?
That is from Maier racing. It's for Mustangs and I don't think there is a ready set-up like that for Mopars. It does not replace the sway bar. It is to control flexing of the springs that allow the body to move to one side or the other during turns. The sway bar controls body roll.
How come not a 3 link (road race) set-up? Just becasue nobody makes one? doh

And why a pan-hard bar vs. a watts linkage?

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