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header panel replacement

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I want to replace the whole header panel, I have an engine oil cooler, trans cooler and radiator to squeeze in there, can I drill the spots and make a custom panel of aluminum? will aluminum do the job as far as strength
this is a 71 Demon, I think there's plenty of open grill area.
Any thoughts/advice/experience?
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just a you mean the core support? the big piece the radiator mounts to?
Yep, that's it, I need more room in front, do You think an aluminum piece would holld the stress?
yes it would if done correctly
Yellow, Thats a loaded question. How do you propose to affix the aluminum to the steel? how thick? What alloy? Your demon is a unibody. It needs the core support for strength. I would try to customize the existing radiator core support. You can put the tranny cooler under the chassis with its own fan. That would be trick. Steel and aluminum don't get along with each other ( galvanic corrosion} You would have to bolt or rivit the core support to the chassis .Fiber washers should be used to reduce the galvanic effect. This is not as strong as welding. Welding is impossible. Other measures would have to be taken to ensure structural integrity. I.E. cross braces roll cage etc... Happy trails, Charlie
Thanks Charlie, that all makes sense, I shoulda remembered the aluminum and steel thing from corrosion control in the Navy, thanks for the idea on the trans cooler, guess I stick with the support thats in there.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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