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headlight question

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ok guys i have a 71 Demon and we all knwo the front clips are off the 70 Darts.

now here's my question i'm going to be doing some restifying to teh Demon and i found some very nice headlights that say they are for 64-70 dart's

and teh diameter is 7"

i go outside just now and i double check my headlight and it's around 6.25-6.50(eye balled it with the half ass ruler i got here at work. i thought naw it's about 7 well i go onto autozone's web site and they list 2 diffrent part numbers for the Demon and dart headlight. How can that be? the damn headlight bezels are the same as well. am i missing something?



Can any1 shed some "Light" for me o[
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6024 is correct for round two headlight systems. 5001/5006 are for four headlight systems. :)
Mine on my 69 Cuda are about 7" there are marked 2D1 at the top.
so i could use the 6024 then off that 70 Dart? since it's just a 2 headlight system.

it's the same damn front end i would not see the problem right?
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