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has anyone else ever noticed how much of a pain in the ass the headliner is to replace? I was just wondering if i was the only one to ever have problems with it.
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I wouldn't even attempt it. It's like trying to fold a fitted sheet and I'll leave that to the experts. **(*)
yeah, but i think that i am an expert at everything, then i get dissapointed. i did the carpet myself, easy, but that headliner is going to be a pain, oh well, the things we do for love. the love of having the badest car in town! BBD
Got pictures before and after on the headliner. I wouldn't mined doing it myself too, though I would rather not. In this area they want $350 plus to put one in.

I installed my headliner myself,

it looks ok over the front seats.:)

The rear looks ehhh, like the owner did the job.

1964 Signet uses a 5 bow headliner,
I measured not exactly correct, and that did not help,
the headliner would have gone in better, if I had more material on the "sail panel" area;
and If I knew what the heck I was doing. **(*)

I like the early Camaro, sail panels being seperate pieces, on cardboard;, idea better.

While I had the rear seat,and rear window out, i added some sound proofing/ sound deadner,
that Was worth doing myself, there was not even jute padding under the rear seat,
my car is a lot quieter now.

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