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heated window tape?

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Hey guys - I want to remove my heater, but still keep my windows defrosted. Where can I get that heated tape like new cars have? Also - for those who have removed their heaters - do you miss the heat? Is it worth it to remove it on a street car? The winters aren't long here in Arkansas, and i like the way the engine bay looks without the blower motor and hoses. Also i want the room under the dash to hide the electronics. what are your opinions? thanks -Evan
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if you like to cruise at night a little heat to take the chill off is nice i like driving with the window down and the heat on.
Yeah, that's true, but around here during "cruise season" it's usually 70F at night. And I can get one of those little mojave heaters for spring and fall cruises and winter driving. With my other cars I've had, I never used the heater, but I've never been brave enough to take it out, either!
first there will be a lot of heat from the headers ,esp.a big block in a a-body. i'am using a rear window defogger from a 68 charger and running a duct to the right side header to draw heat from. :)
the later darts came with rear window defrost, im not talking about the blower type, the kind that is in the glass. i could have had one but decided against it. maybe some dusters an dart sports had it too. poke around the junkyard.
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