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Help me find the right tire?

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Hey I have been looking but I can't find the right tire or size. I need a high performance street tire, front and rear to match, no pin stripes, I don't plan on driving in the rain but s*#t happens, and occasionaly it will be at the track. The difficult part I think is the size the rear I would like a tread width no smaller then 14", the wheel diameter is 15" and the height I would like 30-31". The front tread width around 6" the wheel diameter is 15" and the height around 28". This is a 68 Dart fully tubbed, 12 pt cage and around 550hp. Any suggestions?
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i would go with BFG drag radials in the rear and the DOT approved sportsmans for the front
You put a 28" tall tire in the front and you are going to be rubbing the fenders big time. A 26" is about the biggest you want to go and that's if the car isn't real low in the front.
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