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I need some help well a lot of help with my dana 60.
I never have had a dana and I am 100 % lost.
I started to mock it up last night and ran into a few snags

problem number 1;
the hole for the tube on the 4-link kit is a little too small
is it normal to have to open these brackets up a little?
I was thinking of bolting the brackets together and using
a die grinder, it only needs a 1/32 to 1/16 max

Problem number 2;
the housing I have has had the ends of the tubes cut off
no big deal I will need to cut off a lot more, but there is
two round rings inside the tube about one inch inside where
the tubes have been cut, what are there rings? do I need to
cut the housing again past these rings and then fit my brackets?
I can feel a little bump in the outer part of the tube where these rings are.

and my final question is what advice can you give me on measuring for
my axles? I plan on using a spool and plan on ordering a spool and axle
combo from strange. Do I use my posi carrier and measure from it?
does a posi and a spool have the same axle depth?
I said I was lost, thanks in advance for any help.
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It sounds like it could be a truck housing with the bigger tubes, if you had the ends cut off and they were standard bearing ends i guess it wouldn't be....but if you got the housing with the ends cut off already it may have had floater ends on it at one time. Either way it's no biggie.
Ignore the ring deal for now till you get the housing cut, what you need is a pinion center finder to measure the housing for axles.
To over simplify's a plate that bolts to the back of the housing and has slots cut into it that allow you to hook a tape measure up and measure the tubes. The plate has multiple holes in it for different model rear axles..12 bolt, 9", 8 3/4, etc. when you bolt it over the cover opening on the case the slots will be exactly where the pinion gear centerline is....thats you take off point for all measurements.
You can get a center finder from a few places like chassis engineering, allstar performance...etc...or check ebay?
This is also how you will measure for your pinion offset on a Mopar since the chassis nonsymetrical.
As far as the bracket holes go, you can open them up to fit the tubes. keep them a tight fit..." tap to fit" for the best weldment.
I would do all 4 at once and keep them tightly bolted together, you need to keep all the 4 link holes equidistant from the chassis brackets.
Also have some large spacers made that are the exact same thickness as your rod ends, that way when you weld the 4 link brackets to the axle you can keep them parallel and the holes lined up. You would simply bolt these spacers between the brackets. If you need some i can spin you some off on the lathe....they have to be exact or the whole deal can end up like pooh pooh and have poor fit.
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Thanks a million outlaw, this is exactly what I am looking for.
I have a guy lined up to weld up the housing who has a Jig
to keep everything nice and square maybe he has a pinion center finder tool
if not I will have to buy me one, this is the first rear end I have ever narrowed up
and also my first 4-link car.
Thanks again for the advice..I really need it
Hey Billy, let us know how it comes out. Will be narrowing a 60 for a 68 barracuda and I'm quite sure your experience will be helpful.
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