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Help sell me on the alterkation

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Hey guys, I worked on my car over the holidays and the back half is in, the roll cage is 90 percent done (12 pt)
the dana is mocked up and almost ready to buy the spool and axles. (thanks cool hand luke)
I have sold myself on the fact that I need the alterkation front end but I need a little push.
Can any of you post me some pics of your installation or give me any advice to push me closer to making the purchase?
Yes I am tight, and do engineering work for a living so I like to explore all my options and second quess everything.
The car will barely be street legal but will only see minimal street use, mainly car shows and drag strips unless
South Carolina brings back inspections, then it will have to be hauled on the trailer.
Thanks for any help.
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I don't have one, but I can tell you that Bill has spent a lot of time getting it all right. It fits and works (unlike some other systems out there). I do know that at least one car has seen the high side of 150mph with one, too.................

As the builder, my opinion is obviously biased :) but if you click the RMS banner on top, I have a new gallery on that site with customer cars. At least I can steer you towards some good pics  -o
Well I don't personally have one, but my Brother-in-law just bought one and had it installed in a Challenger he just got done restoring...He is mighty pleased...Here is a picture, not sure how much you can see... He researched them all and could afford to buy any one of the front end kits being offered out there...He chose Bills....I believe it was the first one with the 6.1 Hemi, I could be wrong...

[attachment deleted by admin]
Very sharp Challenger!! Yours looks good to Pinke! 0/
As someone who had a system from Magnum Force I can tell you Bill's system fixes alot of the problems I saw with mine. While I haven't used one myself I know a few people that have, all of them have been pleased with the results.

PinkE, Who's Chally is that? Could it be Daves? Very nice ;D

EDIT> Nevermind, I checked out the pics of it and saw it was Daves 8)
A buddy of mine here has one. Top Notch!!! As are all of Bills parts he sells.
Is there a problem with the RMS link can't get in Larry
I have one. I can say I would not go any other way. It is a the best after market front suspenion on the market. The others like the Magnum force one is weak and has alot of flex in it. I spoke with people the people who build some others I spent my money on Bill's. One more thing, keep in mind the 68 Charger with the V-10 in it. The man who built it now has several car on the road with this system in them. I rest my case!!!

The rms site seems a little quirky yet, but just hit refresh - it's all there.
I have one! I like it! I looked at a few and ended up with an AlterKtion!

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I have one - and a few pics of my car are up on the RMS site.

It's definitely improved the handling a ton, and is very solid.

If you need anymore pics of anything, let me know - I took about a bazillion pics of the install.
I have one well spent!!!
For starters, it took 85 lbs off the front end.
No more torsion bars so now there's plenty of room for custom underchassis headers.
The Wilwoods are a big improvement over the stock discs.
And in terms of driving safety, it's like night and day. There is no more sloppy steering, the 37 year old twice rebuilt stock suspension was just worn out. The tight new R&P steering makes it feel like I'm driving a new car. Much safer and stable at top end.

buy it
o----o<>How big a push or pull do ya need. Wish i could afford it (o) (o)
Thanks guys, this is exactly what I was looking for...I am sold
now what color? oh the decisions. one more question.
My inner fender panels have been cut out of my car (68 cuda)
will this cause any problems? where should I cut off the original shock brace?
any pics of a car with the alterkation and no inner fenders?

We also have a 67 GTX in the shop and I think you guys have convinced the owner
to also go with the alterkation suspension. good sales job guys!
Thanks again.
Bill, what is the lead time on one for an A body? I am definitely intersted probably late summer 2006.

It is the only on to have. I've got one and goes straight everytime at over 148mph in the 1/4 in a street car o----o<>
Normally 4 weeks from the order date.
Hey Bill, I just had a brainstorm....Maybe it would be a good idea to have an AlterKation chat...Guys that have questions could go in and ask them...Maybe post a time so all interested could arrange to be there....Just another idea... -o

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