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What's up everyone, I'm new to this forum but been Mopar or no car for quite sometime now. Especially love the A-bodies and even more so with big blocks in em! Currently finishing up a 71 Demon with a 512(400) and TKX 5 speed, originally 318/3speed. Have done several big block swaps, some easier than others, but it never gets old and always a challenge馃挭. At the moment, I am waiting for my driveshaft to get built and shipped over, while I'm finishing up tunnel work. Then it'll be exhaust, interior back on, and burnouts for distance!

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Just love distributors in the front. I might go pull the cover off my 383 and crank it over a few times. It sure wants to get back in the all numbers matching 68 S convert it belongs in.

That one sure looks nice!
I bought it from the original owner. First saw it when I was in high school in 1972. I always had Mopars, so I was going to the bowling alley with my girl friend, at that time I had a 65 Dart GT 273, a 67 Cuda 273, and a 69 340 Swinger. So, when I saw the Formula S parked nose first in the gargage, with the chrome exhaust tips, I new it was an S. In 72 all those cars were still original, and I always thought it was a 340. In 1985 I went to work on the night shift at UPS. They had put a new hiway in so I didn't go past the car any more. One morning I decided to go see if it was still there? It was sitting in the front yard. I knocked and a lady said her husband wasn't in, but he loved for guys to look at the car. If I wanted I could open the doors and hood. When I got next to it I saw the hood louvers said 383 S. So, it took almost 15 years before I knew it was a 383. I'm pretty sure that was 86-7 because I was still driving my 67 R/T to work. Fast forward to 1999. My best friend bought a 67 Malibu, and I knew a girl with a 67 Malibu SS, the same color. My friend wanted me to buy Penny's so we would have twin cars. I told him if I ever bought another old car it would be that Cuda or nothing. He hounded me for months, and I finally went by and it was still there. I took some pics and chatted for a while. He said before the hiway guys used to try and buy it, but not anymore. I took that as my chance, and asked if he would consider selling it? He said not for $4-500 like the others offered, he had that much in tires. I said how about $2000. I thought he was going to wet his pants. He said you got a deal and shook hands. Next morning I brought him cash, he filled out the title, and I went straight to DMV and got historic tags. Came back Saturday with a new battery, got it started and drove it home. Drove it for 2 years and then took it apart. I want Bucky Hess to restore it for me. I was next on the list when Covid hit. Now my 401 has taken such a hit I don't know when I can pay him, so don't know when he can start. he takes no money up front, half way through he takes a draw, then pay up when finished. Do a youtube search for Bucky Hess, he's the SS Hemi Cuda world record holder. Here are a few of my Mopars. 65 Dart GT 273 4 speed when I was 16, 67 Cuda 273 4 speed with a Camando engine I traded a Super Red Ram Hemi for at 17. 69 340 auto when I was 18. Took a brake from door slammers for a while and built a 112" FED with a 340 and shortened 727, with 8 3/4 with Olds axles. Then around 29-30 I found my 67 R/T 440. I think I was 43 when I bought the Cuda.

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I posted a pic of my Red 67 on another non car related forum and a guy wrote back that he had seen so many pics of "that car" on the internet, that he just had to get one. I do put it on any forum I can, I thought it was a pretty car.
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