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How Big Can tires be in the Stock Wheel Well

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I just bought a '67 dart.  The car is currently bone stock, complete with a slant six, 904, and either 7 1/4 or 8 1/4 rear.

Here are my plans.

6.1 hemi with 5 speed auto with 475 to 500 hp at the flywheel
either 8 3/4 or dana 60 rear end, with SS springs and an adjustable pinion snubber.
subframe connectors with hemi boxes
Front 11.75 inch discs front

I am debating whether to mini tub the rear by widening the wheel wells and moving the springs inboard, or just leaving them in the stock location.  So I need to know how much tire I can squeeze into the stock wheel well and if that will be enough tire to hook up reasonably well.  My goal is a car that will run low 12 second quartermile times, yet remain reasonably streetable. 



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Joe, Hit the button at the top of the page here and go to the old forum. Then hit the engine drivetrain threads. Now at the top is a sticky thread about tire and wheel combos. It's 4 pages of combos alot of us members posted to help everybody pick the right wheels and tires for threr combos. Tom
it all depends how carryed away you want to get & of course (No1) your budget

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Take your time measuring and find some wheels with the backspacing you need. Sublime69 fit 275's in a stock wheel well. I'm planning on using that size also
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