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How to store dash pad?

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I have a really nice black dash pad I was going to put it up in the attic until I needed it but now I'm thinking that's not a good idea as the heat may distroy it .So is there anything that I can put on it to keep it soft and will it hurt to put in the attis or what are your thoughts???
Thanks !
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I wouldn't worry about heat, unless it gets over 150 degrees up there and I think it's more what sunlight and pollution do to dashes then heat alone. If it stays dry up there, I'd say it's will be fine. Don't ask me about to cold though.
It depends on where you live. I have a very nice upper pad for my 68. It's hanging from a shelf in the garage suspended by strings tied around two studs with the nuts on part way. That seemed the safest to me.

What should I put on it to help keep it soft and in good condition?
That's why is suspended. It's not on anything. I haven't looked at it lately, though. Maybe I can get a pic or two.

Put it in a closet in the house.
BS, I re-read your question. I wouldn't necessarily put anything on it. SOme of those products wind up removing moisture and hastening the demise of the pad.

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