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Anyone here mod the early K frame to take a later idler arm?  Or is just adding a top plate to the existing idller mount the way to go, keeping the original.  the car will be set up for handling, so I'd like to mod the K frame to be as rigid as possible.

I'm not sure of the front end part numbers ...yet. maybe late and early are the same.    I"m just learning the early stuff for the 64 project.

Bill - did you say fitting the offset Moog UCA were a pain? what did you mean...I think we may switch to these. They give 3 rather than 1 deg. of camber? should caster and camber settings be that same as stock? opinions?

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If it's like the 67 mount another plate won't work. It's in the wrong place. There's no reason a 68-76 mount could not be used IF the person installing it put it in the right place (center link level and perpendicular to the frame).

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