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inner fender removal

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I'm planning on removing my inner fender wells this weeked, are the pretty much held on with spotwelds.

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If they are bad and rotten id suggest cutting large chuncks away for easier removal. get a spot weld drill bit too and have alot of patience. They will be hidden in places you wouldnt think.

Also, before you remove them, take some measurements of where the core support is as its a pretty flimsy piece of metal without the fenderwells holding it. Id go off the cowl area to the core support myself, and mark where you measured so you know where to remeasure it later. Im getting pretty good at taking the a-body ones out now, i can have a set of within the hour. Also, im going to assume your engine is out? If not, it will be impossible to get to all the spot welds. good luck!!!!

yes the engine is out, did you cut tight up to the fire wall or leave the lip, that shoots out from the fire wall. any pics avallible? Thanks
I was wondering if anyone has any good close up pics, of a shot with the inner fender wells removed. Perferably in around all the metal meeting areas, (firewall),(frame rails),(rad support). Thanks.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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