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Can someone give me some help on how to install the complete wing glass assembly for a 68 Dodge Dart. I am having trouble trying to visualize how to get the long part of the frame into the door. If you recall the long piece has the threaded rod on the bottom and it goes down thru the tabs that are on the inside frame of the door as well as on the outside skin of the door. Then after it goes into this tightly it goes to the bottom of the door where it is bolted to the bottom of the door. There are also 2 more bolts that go into the top of the door on the upper hinge side of the door. This is the heavy pot metal type material of the wing assembly. I do not see how this can be put in the inside of the door in one piece or I do not see how the assembly breaks down into pieces so it can be put in 2 pieces or more?

Can anyone help me out. I have done this restoring other Darts but I have slept a couple hours since then. Speaking of sleeping that is where I need to head. I will check you out tomorrow to see what ideas you have and how simple it probably is and ignorant it makes me look?

Thanks in advance,


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I have always removed the bolts from the main window regulator and slid the regulator and window towards the rear of the door and to the bottom. Then I slide the vent wing window assembly in as one piece. It's too tight to get in with the main window just down. It takes some finesse to get the run channel and stud in through the top of the door, but it will go. You just have to hold your tongue just right! ;D
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