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IRS pictures

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Anybody got any high resolution close ups of poison dart or delaneys cuda I want to see how these guys are bolting them up..
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This system cost about 4500 in plain steel. Bill has some good pics on the RMS site.
I saw his pics bot I needed a little more detail Was hoping someone might have some.. I didnt look under the backside of poison dart on the tour..Wish I had now.. Also it has been reported to me that the Heidts IRS may fail at certain power levels. Some that have done these believe the corvette irs is a better choice.
Very Nice! I would hate to drive it and get it dirty!
That cross over is welded/bolted to stock/tin can frame rails ? I assume there is a triangluation to the forward spring mounts ? Do you recall ?
I think I might have a few more of the Dart, and of Delaney's Cuda. The Cuda has ALOT more reinforcing than the Dart does. I don't think the Dart is actually running yet, but I know Matt has literally beat the life out of that Cuda trying to break it, and nothing happened..

I'll try to find those pics tonight when I get home.
From what Bill told me Mat's car is very strong. He does alot of stuff you can not see.
I hung out with Matt on the tour.. That car is very nice.. Also very fast.
Here's the perfect shot. The rear of the Dart before it was painted. The other pic is from Matts car - notice instead of a straight crossmember for hte forward struts, he used an X-brace across the frame connectors.

If it was me, I'd probably do a straight crossbar. I think it'd be plenty strong enough. Although I can't argue with Matt's method - he goes out of his way to make car bodies completely rigid before they get painted - unbelievable amounts of hidden metal work.

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Man I think I could even do that... Course I'll need to learn to weld first.
That would be something to see up close.Totally outrageous,nice work.
Anybody know how big of tire is on the back of the poison dart?
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