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JCWhitney suspension parts

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Would anybody trust these parts of theirs? their tie rod ends are super cheap like 10 bucks each and anyone heard anything about these sway bars?
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Go to Autozones online sales and you can get the tie rod ends for the same price. Look up a 74 Duster, same part will work on 67 to 76. The sway bar looks ok, but most places have them for that price too.
I ordered both. The tie rods where all Moog's. I have the sway bars on front and back. They are Hellwing and of good quality. I needed my welder to mount the front one but that is because I mouned a '72 sway bar to a '73 k frame. I was happy with all the pieces I received. The car hasn't been on the road yet, so I cannot tell you how the swap bar performs.
cool thanks
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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