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Ladder bar adjustment/pinion angle?

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My combo is a 451 in an A-body, SS springs, ladder bars, 4.56 gears, 10" 3800 stall converter, 11.5" x 29.5" M/T slicks. There are 3 holes for adjustment at the front of the ladder bars - presently using the center hole - pinion angle is at 4*. 6 cyl torsion bars and 90/10 shocks up front. I foot brake and usually leave off idle at 1200 rpm.

!st Question: if I were to raise the ladders to the top hole, would I have to re-adjust the pinion angle?
2nd Question: what are the odds of getting some "air" under the front tires?
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don't remember your total package but:
question #1: yes.....hopefully you also have housing floaters.....
#2 yes....if you have a good set-up
affirmative on the housing floaters.
yes you'll have to at least check the pinion angle, it may be within the 2 to 3 * range. air under the front tires is eazy just jack the front of the hotrod up. )(/*

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