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Ladder bar/coil over setup HELP!!

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I just recently bought a big block Demon with a ladder bar/ coil over setup in it. I want to check out everything in it and I don't know exactly how to set this up because I've never had one before. with the rear suspension loaded and front loaded it looks like the pinon angle is up??? I've had leaf sprung cars before and I know the pinion is 5-7 degrees nose down, I also would like to know if the rear should be offset or forward or what?? What hole should the ladder bar be in the front mount? I want to stand the car up!! ;D ;D should I scale the car? I do have access to the from a dirt buddy. This car is about 2800#'s and is a strictly drag race with a 727 auto with a trans break, probably running around tohe 10.00 mark, Any help would greatly be appreciated!!! Thanks, John
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ladder bar pinion angle is 2-3 degrees down or the difference between the flat spot where the snubber goes and the angle of the driveshaft. start with the bar parralel (?) to the ground. the higher the front of the bar the the more the rear will raise and harder it will hit the tires. scale the hotrod. standing it up will depend on horsepower.

Thank you Bob, when I took the r/s ladder bar off I noticed it was under pressure, I marked everything and just dismanteled it to check and clean and make sure nothing was frozen up, I also noticed there are no heim joints on the rear of the ladder bar, just in the front?? Is this how they are? Also would scaling the car help?, what should you set it at? Again a virgin at this, but always willing to learn, The last car I bought was already done and it hooked great, so I never touched it, Thanks, John
there is preload on that bar. set youir car on jack stands then jack up the rear housing just until you can slid the left front bar bolt out, put it back in then remove the right set bolt and adjust that bar to where the bolt slids in and out like the left side. now it's all st a neutral setting. scaling the hotrod then will give you your base line to get back to should things get out of whack while tuning her up. it doesn't matter what the weights are just that you record each corner. the back of the bars have solid eye bolts in them. make sure your bars are the exact same length on each side from each eyebolt center to the heim joint center. remember that no matter what anybody tells you, you will have to have some amount of raise to the back end of the hotrod or the tires will not be driven into the ground to get traction. on yes make sure your rear springs are the same length also then adjust the front torsion bars for the same heigth. after all this scale her.

Thanks for the reply bOb, I'm assuming that the whole car has to be together so I cannot fully set untill the motor is back in. I did notice that the rear coilovers are two different lengths and at two different settings, It sounds like trying to patch up this abortion is going to be a pain so maybe I should start from sratch? Does that sound like a good idea? which should I do first set the pinoin angle or preload?
set the pinion angle first and no preload until the hotrod says she neds it.

Get a copy of the book "Doorslammer, the chassis book" by Dave Morgan. Not only will this initially confuse you, (like stepping into the sunlight out of a darken studio), it'll give you an incredible amount of info in other areas that will KEEP you straight and narrow on the race track, ladder bars or 4 link! Happy page turning...
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