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Lexan or something of the sort!

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Alright, want to lighten up the street car, and was thinking about Lexan, but have been told by many it scratches TOO easy....
Any suggestions for anything else? I'd like to do the front and side windows. Leave the rear alone for weight distribution.
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I bought some at Home Depot for cheap. Cut it with a jig saw and then finished it with a bench grinder. Not hard, turned out nice. Wasn't the mar resistant kind, but no scratches yet. Only time will tell.
i thought lexan was scratch proof and unbreakable ???
It's not unbreakable!!
I thought lexan was scratch proof too, but I suppose not. NOW I'm hearing that it's not street legal.... ANY alternatives?? What did they do to lighten up the windows in the 68 Hemi darts??
Its not scratch proof, it actually scratches kinda easy.
I believe there is a higher grade with a coating available...making it tougher to scratch but still not scratshproof.
the "marguard" is a little more scratch resistant....but it still scratches, it all will break if put under enough pressure. lexan is not dot approved. the hemi superstocks had side windows that were about 1/2 as thick as production glass
The hemi Darts and cuda had corning glass which like said above is about half the thickness of regular glass, lexan will break and scratch polycarbonate is the one thats bulletproof, none of which are street legal, go to a glass shop and see what they have.
any ideas how to get the cornering glass? think a windshield shop would have some idea what I was referring to if I asked them about it???

OK, having a POST car, I have those 2 windows that I THINK are different shaped than the non-post cars. Anyhow, one is busted out, so I want to pull them both out and just put some Lexan in place of those 2, don't think the cops would mess w/ me for them.... ANYWAYS, does anyone have some extra Lexan they'd like to sell??? I don't need much....

I think lexan is illegal only if you use it for the windsheild. The rest of the windows can be whatever you want. They dont even need to be there. If you really want to lose weight get rid of the window regulators. I used a strap attached to the bottom of the window on one of my cars to pull the window up and install a hook on the bottom of the door to hook the stap to with the window in the up position.
Blackbettey, I'm going to do that, actually, following the '68 Hemi Dart's idea. BUT, I'd still like to have the windows for safety when driving on the street. Or, if I park it somewhere, it's not TOO easy for someone to get in and take it! THUS, I'd like the 'glass, just wanted to know what it was like. SO, anyone got some spare sheets laying around?
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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