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Low deck hemi

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Anyone done a low deck hemi?

I have a set of Stage V conversion heads and am planning a 500ci low deck motor for my 69 GT. I know I will have to build an intake, but was going to do that anyway as it will be EFI and boosted.

Can you think of any reason I couldn't use the heads on a low deck?

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Ok, I dug out my B block and put the stage V head on to see what the pushrod clearance looked like. It's really not any different than it was on the RB block.

The marks on the block would cover the entire pushrod hole in the head. It would certainly not need to be clearanced that much just to adequately clear the pushrod. It looks like the pushrods will be riding high in the hole as well.

I'm going to have to make up some pushrods the correct length before I actually grind it but I don't see any problem.

Has anyone used the BRC main girdle system? It looks like it would give a lot more strength to the stock block.
wanna sell those stage v's? ive been trying to buy from them since may :banghead
1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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