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Low deck hemi

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Anyone done a low deck hemi?

I have a set of Stage V conversion heads and am planning a 500ci low deck motor for my 69 GT. I know I will have to build an intake, but was going to do that anyway as it will be EFI and boosted.

Can you think of any reason I couldn't use the heads on a low deck?

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The low decks were pioneered in the early 80`s for prostock and comp dragster applications. At the time hemi blocks were drying up and heads were going for a premium (enter stg.5 conversion heads) . The blocks had the extra bosses furnace welded in so original gen II heads would fit . The prostock effort didn`t get that far unfortunately (see Charlie Maluke) But Dave Koffel and Wally Dyck held the A/Dragster records for years. The engine was / kind of high dollar to build and became obsolete when better big block heads came out (Zeeker / B1 / Indy ) .
Neat project motor , but will be a little $$$ because of all the custom stuff to be fabbed and then made to work, the kind of motor they would build for Engine Masters . If you`ve got access to a dyno for testing parts ....great. You do know the stg 5 heads are a bit of a compromise to fit the B/RB platform , right? In the end a set of Indy`s or your choice of big block heads might be less headaches .
A low block hemi will scream and make big power , but with today`s wedge heads will probably pale in comparison .
My $0.02
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Go with your dreams Bro ! I did !

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And give up that numbers-matching all-original 273?
You could always twin turbo the 273 !!?? LOL ! Here`s a former member`s old car !


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