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Low deck hemi

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Anyone done a low deck hemi?

I have a set of Stage V conversion heads and am planning a 500ci low deck motor for my 69 GT. I know I will have to build an intake, but was going to do that anyway as it will be EFI and boosted.

Can you think of any reason I couldn't use the heads on a low deck?

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just before NHRA switched to 500 cu in with no weight breaks, the low deck hemi actually held the PS speed record. I thought Hemi would have become a major factor with 500 cu in, but didn't happen. I really don't understand the point here much. In the original build ups fitting the 2 gen hemi heads tot eh B-block, the pushrods actuaaly went in to the water jackets and there had to be done some welding too. Perhaps the conversion heads are a little better in that sence, but still that situation is worse with the lower block. The RB requires clearancing too with hte conversion heads. However, the biggest problem I see with a boosted low deck hemi is, that why on earth would anyone want to build such an engine on a block that can barely stand around 800 hp in the long run? You can run in to problems with a naturally aspirated wedge!
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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