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Make the voices stop

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It’s summer, I am racing my mountain bike on a 30 mile loop in a 12 hour race.. a voice says GO FASTER, I do - CRASH!!!

Fade to fall 2005 I need surgery - 3 vertebrae fused and pins. The voice is back again - you need a hobby it says,.. I had one!
The voice says - Forget it!

Two days later I ride around with a buddy and end up at his dads junkyard - a couple of beers later,.. I hear the same voice that made me crash - it says “Swinger”- What, Huh? -0*( -0*(
Another beer and $150 later and a 74 Dart Swinger with a dead 318 is in my yard.

Surgery ensues I have a brace and great medication - no voices! Later I don’t take the pain meds and I feel good - What’s that?!?
I should the Dart apart? - OK!

The doors, fenders and grill are gone and a 86 Dodge with a 360 and a TF727 has appeared in the yard. What?!? Swap?!? - OK! **(*)

Suddenly I have a dental problem - more surgery and medication - the voices stop. Whew..

Today,.. I am off medication, What? - strip the engine bay?.. OK!

So now I sit here knuckles skinned, oil under my nails, car getting stripped and the voice is saying I should gut the car and work from the ground up, glass, dash - everything! I need to move the rear springs and cut the rear fender wells replace floors and trunk transmission, engine, shifter, wheels and oh yea- make the body look good in Plum Crazy - Sounds like the right color .

Can I go back to mountain biking? NO!!!

So my questions are.
If I am permanently insane can I qualify for disability?
If I take my meds will the voices stop?

What, Huh? What is your name - I don’t know!!!!
Your going to be Plum Crazy Purple - any ideas for names??
What Huh?!?
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:'(...another one...... o[...Save yourself...there may still be time..... **(*)...
Yup, Sue definitely has the right idea :: **(*) **(*)

This guy: BBD has visited us all.
Too late pal. You can't be cured. You need to embrace the insanity... the rest of us have.

Come on, become one of us. >:D
No!...No! You haven't learned how to live with the voices yet. You have to listen to nine out of ten, not one out of ten. )(/* doh

Listen to the voices, they are your friend. ;D
As long as the voices say to drop a 500+ HP big block in it, the voices are telling you the right thing. There is no cure and most of us wouldn't take it if there was one. **(*)

Send me the meds and listen to the voices. **(*) The voices are clearer when I'm medicated, so help me out already. lol
It started!! It's to late!! Have fun.... 0/
just make sure to listen to the voice that tells you to buy AA-slingshot the new nitro hemi to slip between the frame rails. lol lol
Dave.....don't listen to the AA-slingshot voice, he's just greedy. Nine out of ten voices in your head are telling you that GTS225 wants a centrifugal blower as a belated B-day present.

its a terminal illness, your gonna have it for the rest of your life,
you know how it is, we can;t leave well enough alone. if it aint broke make it faster, if its broke add more cubes and make it faster.

**(*) o----o<>

face it dude, your one toke over the line and now it's totally hopeless but never the less you'll have the best dang hotrod on the planet.

Well, I spent the afternoon trying to remove the engine and trans o[
No Luck **(*)

But I am releaved to know that I have a group of comards who have completed the journey I am going to start
Each piece I remove results in another idea
I would have just bondoed, fiberglassed, and painted it... if it were not for the voices and sucesses on this web site.
YOU are the voices that urge me on the bring this car back to life!!!
I will be back with questions, pictures and updates - ITS YOUR FAULT!
Thanks tnku tnku
davemac said:
Yes, it is. Sucker! %)

LOL lol
Luke ........Listen to the dark side ...............LOL
Chryco ;)
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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