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manifolds worth keeping???

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took these off a 67 low deck cuda#2951865 and #2899879 cast manifolds and just wondered if they are worth keeping as i have put headers on?
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i believe those are b-body manifolds. if im right, they are not that rare, but they are not junk either. probably some one here that could use them. i always wanted a set but went with headers instead.
I don't have the numbers book in front of me, but if they are HP manifolds they are definitely worth keeping and have a value in the $200 +/- range.

do you want to sell these looks like what i may need for my project.([email protected])
Those are without a doubt HP manifolds for a 70-71 B or E-body.  If they are in good shape and the heat riser works there not cheap. 2899879 (RH) 2951865 (LH) With 2pc heat stove
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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