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Mighty funny 'Cuda on ebay

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Funniest lookin 'Cuda I ever saw - on ebay now, item # 4600722079 LOL

I'm thinkin' maybe there's somethin' in the water in El Paso!
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Well, the guy doesn't know what he has, BUT if it's an original Commando 273/four speed/handling package Valiant sedan it would be worth having. The notation in the Dymo label about both sets of points indicates a Commando car.

looks like it could be a cool lil car....? ?what headders are they?? they don't have the dougs tag so i guess that not what they are..
Has alot of possiblity.
yeah, i wonder what headers those are. i like that care.
But, if they fit it might be a good idea for the buyer to remove them carefully and have some more made..........

The cost is worth the end result. Good headers are not cheap.
$3057 and reserve not met. I wonder what his reserve is.

lol it looks like it wants to be a mustang or something. AND theres no big block. its worth maybe what i have in my pocket. 5 dollars and a piece of string.
Looks like a solid, nice car to me...
The headers are something weird. Both sides have the centerlink go between primaries. Looks like a no hassle well fitting design, wonder if they could be reproduced? I has also been converted to 8 3/4" rear axle, which is pretty natural considering the age, V8 and four speed combo. Those cars were pretty popular rallye cars here, but the factory insisted on using the heavier and less rigid barracuda in the international rallyes, the barracuda was way slower than the valiants. Here is one old local rallye barracuda for sale, it actually led Monte Carlo rallye in 1966 before the rear axle broke:
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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