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need advise on trunk floor replacement

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car is a 72 dart
I have a complete trunk floor from year one. it is in 3 pieces.
I just removed 90 percent of the trunk floor. all I have left to cut out is up by the latch area and near the bumper braces. I know that I have to get the brakes out of the way so that the floor can sandwich between them and the frame. but my Q is that the replacement floor does not have the turned up lip at the rar of the pan that the original had, how much of the rear section should I leave in the car for over lap?
any advice would help.
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without seeing it....make some measurements off of common benchmarks like the pop in rubber plug holes ar othe various convoluted beaded areas....then cut out and final trim and set in for a fit...use self cutting phillips pan head screws to trial fit it all into place at any overlapping areas or use clecos if you have them. Stitch it and plug weld it all into place and seam seal it up.
If you do weld it 100%, make sure you tack it every 2 inches and altenate sides often. Too much heat will cause distortion and ruin your fitup.

AAOUTLAW's method is easier.

I was planning on spot welding a majority like the factory did but at the back where the orginal lip is I was going to weldi it solid to that area
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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