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Need info on my drum brakes

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I have a 68 dart with a 225 /6. I want to buy a wilwood brake kit and I noticed theres a kit for 9'' drums and another one for 10''. Is it measured inside or outside?

on my broadcast sheet, build code for front brakes is 11.
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Measure inside your drums.
A /6 68 would be 9". Keep in mind, the wilwood kit gets you better brakes, but you are still stuck with the light spindles and tiny wheel bearings.
Are the spindles/bearing that weak ??? It will eventually be a small block street driven car. Should I change the spindles (I would have to change upper A-arms, and lower balljoints $$)

What spindle should i get, something easy to find, im in quebec so used parts are rare.... Is there a spindle that will allow me to keep my upper a-arms and lower balljoints ???

I found some spindles from a 87 new yorker. Am I correct that if I use late A body balljoint with this spindle it will bolt on to my /6 stock suspension. I think the upper balljoint is bigger on the new yorker, I was thinking maybe I could put a bushing in the balljoint hole on the spindle, same for tie rod ???

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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