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need info/pics on rear brake hoses

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for those using a b-body 8 3/4 rear . what are you using for a rear flex hose.?
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I have an A body 8 3/4, but this is an issue nobody ever mentions. I have super stock springs, and I used long shocks, so you need a longer brake hose. You don't want the brake hose acting as a limiter or pulling apart. I found a Wagner BH 50396 which is 3-4 inches longer than stock, and has the same ends. I often wondered if the guys who thought their shocks were topping out, checked the brake hoses at full extension.
I have a stock B body one on the Duster and a SS braided one on the Valiant.
here's where i need info. all of the flex hoses shows female ends, i think i'll need one to be male.the one in the photo won't help because the brake lines to the cylinders won't line up.

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I just bought the one in the pic and tryed to put it on my 81/4. The flex hose is not long enough for my Barracuda not even close. The 81/4 had that same hose on it when I got it.
I cut the bracket and weld in a peice to extend the bracket down closer to the rearend. Then use the hose it calls for.
Here is a pic of the brake hose I posted the part number for. It has a female fitting on the bracket end with the proper lock ring groove and a male fitting on the end that fits into the tee. It is 21 inches long tip to tip. Hope this helps.

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that's the baby. ordering one on tuesday. tnku tnku tnku tnku tnku tnku tnku
I don't know what the part number is, but I went with one for an '86 Ram 4 X 4 so I knew it would be more than long enogh when the suspension expanded at launch. But that one that gkcuda shows should leave you a bunch extra since it looks even longer than the one for a 4 X 4.

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